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Consultation, Emergency Planning and Evacuation Drills

Consultation and emergency planning work is carried out by our team of qualified ex or serving fire officers with the specialist knowledge from inside the sector.

Our Fire safety consultancy work is entirely flexible to meet each of our client’s bespoke requirements.


Commercial Fire Risk Assessments Bristol. Wyvern Risk Management helps businesses prepare for fire.

Wyvern Risk Management can act as your consultants for a variety of reasons

  • Pre fire risk assessment
  • Post fire risk assessment
  • Building Regulations pre consultation
  • Assist in HMO application with local Authority
  • Visit from the fire authorities
  • To resolve any fire safety issues identified
  • Peace of mind

Our consultancy may include guidance on fire safety design on new or existing buildings, refurbishment projects or to satisfy Building Regulations. We act flexibly in order to meet each of our client’s bespoke requirements. Often able to liaise with local area Fire Safety Officers to arrive at a suitable solution.

Owners and occupiers will also benefit, as this process will generate the basis of their fire safety management procedures and risk assessment.

What are the benefits?

We are your one stop shop for everything fire safety as we have decades of experience in both firefighting and fire safety. Expert fire safety guidance helps ensure legal compliance, reduces the likelihood of enforcement action by the fire service and assists greatly with the protection of lives, properties and reputation.

We have seen the devastation and cost to lives and property that fires leave behind, and you never want to?

From the Fire Risk Assessment, we help you formulate your emergency plan. We are able to help you test the plan.

Wyvern Risk Management provides trusted solutions – creating safer places at work and at home.



Make Sure You Are Legally Compliant

If you are a landlord, managing agent or selling a flat and require a fire risk assessment in Bristol, Bath and the South West area, contact Wyvern Risk Management for a free, non-committal phone consultation and arrange a visit to your property.

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Fire Risk Assessments Bristol. Providing trusted solutions - creating safer places.