Tio is the app for managing fire safety. Go digital and get a digital logbook with everything you need to manage and prove fire safety compliance anytime, anywhere

Digital Logbooks

As part of the UK government's push for digital transformation in fire safety after the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster we are excited and proud to announce our partnership with Tio.

Tio is making managing fire safety simpler, smarter and easier by upgrading the UK to digital fire logbooks. The UK government, the NHS, the Church of England, the Salvation Army, P&O Ferries and tens of thousands more have already made the switch.

That's why going forward, Wyvern Risk Management recommends all customers to have a Tio digital fire logbook to help ensure records and information are accurate and up to date.

Tio is a software and app that empowers health and safety professionals to carry out their legal obligations and duties better, faster and more easily.

Tio helps you manage your portfolio of fire safety compliance documents including a free digital fire logbook, a cloud storage for important documents and a personalised list of all your legal obligations. Find Out More


Tio Core

Tio Core digital logbook will guide you through the melee of regulation and compliance so you'll know exactly what to do, when and how to do it – automatically evidencing your due diligence for future reference.

  • Document Your Diligence: Record every activity and occurrence surrounding your building's fire safety.
  • Automatic Task Tracking: Understand which activities are due and when with an always up-to-date summary of your digital fire logbook.
  • Detailed Task Guidance: Haven't done a task in a while? Onboarding a new team member? Or just want to get the task right every time? Tio Core's built-in ‘How do I complete this task?' sections help you and your team complete compliance tasks efficiently, safely and quickly.
  • Customisable Document Storage: Back your important documents up in the cloud to access them. Create, rename, and share folders for anytime, anywhere access while controlling who gets to see what.
  • Just Stick, Scan & Share: Your logbook and important documents should be digitally available to all interested parties. With Tio Core, all you need to do is stick your QR code near your building entrance or on your fire panel to comply.

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